Monster Turf för OptiShot och Optishot2

Soft Shell One Piece Monster Turf For Optishot and Optishot 2 aka Dancin’ Dogg Golf Simulator

Custom design molded urethane to match Optishot and Optishot 2
The best of both worlds for those that prefer Monster Turf molded to our custom design molded urethane
Eliminates the back sloped area of Optishot and Optishot 2 to create more realistic level surface
Unlike soft foam backed turfs, this turf more creates feel similar to surface under the grass
Molded in Velcro strips to further assist in locking turf under Optishot and Optishot 2 to prevent movement
Turf molded into urethane to significantly reduce possibility of tearing around sensors
Turf designed to hold a tee without creating dimple area when tee not used

”All of our turfs are designed with a molded urethane base with a durometer rating that closely resembles the surface under the grass of a fairway. Ever wonder why fairways, tees and greens are plugged on a regular basis. In part, it helps keep the dirt from becoming too compacted. This provides a slightly more forgiving base under the grass when you take a divot and, yes, it is also done to promote the root growth of the grass. Areas away from the fairway often are described as being like hardpan.”

”In addition to molding these turfs proudly in the USA, I have over 30 years of experience in molding urethanes, epoxies, silicones, etc. Through the years I have been involved in designing molds for and molding small art and craft tools, housings for low voltage led lights, clear and tinted light fixtures, custom door handles, urethane spoilers for the old Jaguar XJS, and other custom projects.”

Joe Havian, Creator and owner of SlickThings

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